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The company PHU Fox is located in Kicin near Poznań, Wielkopolskie voivodeship. Due to twenty two years of experience, the company has an established position on the market. The variety of products which we offer makes it possible to meet all the requirements of our clients, concerning both the price and the esthetic value of the fitting carpets.

We know how important it is for our clients to receive the best product for the best price. Therefore, we try to meet the requirements of the current trends as well as the expectations of buyers. Thus, we offer a wide selection of fitted carpets suitable for different types of buildings, for example: sport facilities or hospitals. Thanks to the wide range of choices we are able to realize projects for individual clients as well as companies and institutions.

During the fitted carpets laying it is important to use proper tools and equipment, as well as building materials. All of these products are available for purchase in our store. Those clients who do not want to install the carpet on their own may ask our staff for either help or advice.

Our company prides itself on time flexibility, which enables us to realize the projects and orders in the whole country. Not only do we always meet the deadline, but also we ensure warranty for all of our products. Client’s satisfaction is our priority, thus we are focused on an individual approach to every project. With the view of gaining new qualifications and bringing our service to perfection we are constantly working with other companies, for example, while organizing professional trainings.

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