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PHU Fox have been in business for nearly 30 years. The continuous development of our company led to the creation of our office and warehouse center in Kicin near Poznań in 2008, guaranteeing the proper service of our customers.

In the sale we have object-oriented floors in both rolls and tiles. You will find covers made of PVC, linoleum, LVT,, as well as slats and profiles, and construction tools. We also deal with the installation of the substrate and the sale of accompanying chemicals.

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Both in the customer approach as well as to the projects being executed and the serviced investments.


A wide range of professionals in their fields allows us to handle several investments at the same time.


We know how important in case of ongoing construction investment is the role plays timeliness of the completion of the next stages of work.


Our work, which is also our passion, we perform as best we can. We provide guarantee for our work.


Don't have an idea on your floor? Together we will find a solution that meets your expectations.


We buy directly from manufacturers, without any intermediaries.

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Flooring Department:

Robert Lutomski
Adam Jankowski

Technical consultancy:

Zenon Marcinowski

Tool Department; Logistics and administration

Katarzyna Lewandowska

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