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Hotels should provide us combination of leisure and entertainment. It translates to unlimited capabilities in terms of design choice and color combinations, also floor coverings. At this place both architects of the interior and the investors themselves who are able to fulfill their life’s passions and dreams, can show what they’ve got.

To meet your needs we present a very wide offer of floor coverings for hotels and similar objects. Drawing from the palette of dozens of colors and shades, with our help you can create unique image of the cover that reflects the characteristics of the object or the company brand colors.

Hotels, also like other public utility objects, consists of at least few specific zones, among which we can distinguish:

room – zone of peace and relaxation
corridor and staircase – as a zone of increased traffic
restaurant and cafe – as an entertainment zone

The above mentioned and all other zones are associated with the appropriate types of flooring, whether carpet or even PVC.

When closing the door of the hotel room, we want not only to have sense of aesthetics but, above all, comfort under the feet. A wide range of polyamide and woolen lining is carefully selected for you, for object-oriented performance as well as for abrasion and dirt.

The hallways leading guests from the reception through the staircase up to the room, must be distinguished by their special resistance to heavy foot traffic and meet the acoustic requirements. This is where the velor lining will work well, cut short and easy to clean. It allows you to walk through corridors almost without sound.

Having direct contact with leading hotel flooring manufacturers, we are always up to date with trends in design and coloring of the collection.

In kitchen spaces non-slip flooring such as Stronghold 30 must be used. It retains its properties even when it is completely wet. For such floors you can also choose wall coverings that are easy in keeping clean and unlike to ceramic tiles – do not have joints.

Independently choosing colors and design allows us e.g. Ideal collection. You can choose the type of liner, color scheme as well as the individually designed design theme. The only limit is your imagination!

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