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Floors and walls in hospitals should be made of durable materials with surfaces smooth, washable, non-absorbent and resistant to washing and disinfectants.


Hospitals, sanatoria and other health facilities are places not only for our health but also for better comfort. It is important to choose the appropriate coloring of the carpets. At present we are no longer condemned to several colors, from which it is difficult to create an interesting arrangement. Nowadays we have a selection of lining available in various colors. An example of such a cover is iQ Optima tested in many health care facilities, which has a really wide range of colors – 64 colors, which creates amazing arrangement possibilities.

Choosing the right carpeting

Considering the basic requirement puting forward to floor coverings in hospitals and other health facilities, which is the bacteriostatic floor, we offering you a wide range of floor coverings meeting ten wars. At the same time, our offer is to prepare the floor for lectures, which include careful adjournment and use at the boundary point of the skirting strip for easier cleaning and disinfection of the carpet after its installation, which is a huge final part of the effect.

The specificity of some of the rooms, due to the electronics located there, requires the use of special antistatic or even conductive lining. In this case, in addition to the liners that meet these criteria, we provide you with professional surface preparation for dissipating or discharging cumulative electrical charges.

In this case, one of the iQ Toro SC or iQ Granit SD floor coverings will be the ideal solution, depending on the requirements that the floor will have to meet. The complete range of our offer is lightweight, washable, non-absorbent and bacteriostatic wall coverings that are increasingly used in many health care settings.

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