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Because of their specific nature, schools require use of durable and resistant materials on the floor, whose maintenance will not be too difficult and expensive to perform. At the same time, floor coverings should be absorb sound, be secure and hygienic. Whether a given liner is suitable for use on a specific type of object decides assign it to an appropriate utility class.

Flooring usable classes and technical specifications

In educational facilities rooms we should use floor coverings made from materials developed specially to areas, with high foot traffic – classrooms (class 33), hallways (class 34). Also this kind of flooring should characterized by proper hardness and abrasion resistance. Standard is hardness of flooring classified as K5 and group T resistance to abrasion.

An important parameter, specially in case of flooring designed to classrooms, in which computer hardware is, is antistatic attribute, due to safety of electronic hardware. Also important is high level of noise reduction – at least 19 dB.

We are aware of your budget can be limited, and requirements that you are facing, oblige to projects, which can be seemed difficult or even impossible to realize. That is why our offer is aimed at meeting the requirements imposed by schools. As direct importers and authorised representatives of renowned manufacturers we have opportunity to adjust our offer, so as it meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

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